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NEW SHOW: Oswald The Musical

Book and Lyrics by: Tony LePage and Josh Sassanella

Music by: Josh Sassanella Directed by: Adam Dannheisser Musical Direction by: Jonathan Ivie

Oswald: The Musical, tells the assassin's story, simultaneously, through two sets of eyes. Lee's story, played by one actor, tells of a troubled youth caught up in an impossible situation which ultimately leads to the conspiracy theories that still hold strong today. And Oswald's story, played by another actor, weaves a tale of a cold blooded killer, driven mad by his unrelenting need to be remembered. We go back in time to 1959 and watch the final years of his life unfold in two very different ways. From his days in Russia, through his scandalous journey, to that fateful morning in Dealey Plaza, where one man makes two very different decisions. Decisions that will live in infamy until this day. Like so many stories, Oswald: The Musical explores the inherent duality that lies within each one of us, and asks... Which side are you on?

Performance: June 8th, 7pm Tickets: 10$ at the door (cash only) The TADA Theatre Emerging Artists Theatre Festival

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